Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Have And To Hold....

Friday, September 20th marks 33 years my wife has had to put up with me and a wide variety of crazy ideas, some which have worked, others, not so much. We will be spending our anniversary in a location many people choose as an "Island Getaway". Although we are not overly impressed with our current location, we are happy to be spending it in sun and palm trees. While we got married in the vivid warm colors of fall, we feel equally at home in turquoise blue, sun-drenched green, fringed in undulating white.

Awaiting estimates for lightning damaged parts and an insurance settlement has kept us locked up here where we have readily available WiFi. What the heck did people do in our situation before Internet? It seems a nightmare even now with this modern convenience, however, in the past it must have meant a trip back to the states, a huge phone bill, or even the end of the journey. While we grouse about the travail, it is still the best situation we could hope for.

Some claim diamonds are a girls best friend but I think, under these circumstances, Karen would be overjoyed with a new autopilot for our anniversary. Don't I know how to show a girl a good time! And I will be expressly happy with a new alternator and regulator for the diesel. Things that are precious are definitely defined by circumstance. These items allow us a level of comfort that would be unavailable without them, and yet they are only a fraction of the toys one can acquire for a comfortable cruising boat. 

We have learned a lot in our short time afloat. Learning to live within our energy means. Learning to trust our instincts about weather. Learning how all our technology imbues us with a certain false sense of security ie: a gps failure in our electronic navigation program would put us right back to the 1800's navigationally speaking. No autopilot, which means we spend hours at the helm doing the mind-numbing task of steering. I know that is why we are here, to sail, but it is also to relax and reflect which is difficult when the compass is the focus, not the scenery.

Our attempts to make art have been overshadowed by constant repairs. We have given much thought to our next projects but implementing them is still second fiddle to repairs, foraging food, and a smattering of socializing. Finding ideas is not as problematic as finding time. The  dubious luxury of unemployment, not enough time to do everything. Enough for now. Off to the hardware store to buy wire to rewire my stern light. See what I mean!