Sunday, September 1, 2013

Can Leap Be Three Places At Once

We were showing friends the house and shop on Google Earth and this is what we saw.
Leap is visible next to the shop. This picture was probably taken in September 2012 during our yard sale as you can see the covered tables in the yard.

Then for kicks we continued looking for Leap and......
Here she is in Demopolis Alabama. Leap is the sailboat with our white van parked in front of her. The trailer we borrowed is parked on the left. This photo was probably taken in March as the tail gate on the trailer is down and Leap's blue Bimini is up.

Next .....

The sailboat in the center is about where we were anchored when we first arrived in Isla Mujeres.
You can see the blue bimini top and the dingy in the back. 

Food for thought all of you Orwellians out there. 

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  1. Leap is definitely in two places at once! Unfortunately the imagery date tag for Isla Mujeres puts the kaibash on the three-peat. The first one was 9/26/2012 (a pretty good birthday present?) and the second was 3/11/2013. Regrettably, the third is 12/8/2012, and is thus showing an imposter...