Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Launch Day

7 years, 3 months, 24 days, was all it took for us to complete our little repair and get the boat in the water. So whoever was running the betting line, you can cash it in today. Thanks to all who have helped on this endeavor. It has been entertaining, amusing, educational and frustrating, sometimes all at once, but it is as finished as it needs to be. So as the song goes ..."take me to the river and drop me in the water..." we want to get started on the next phase of our sabbatical. For those of you still following our 12 step countdown, today has to be 11.5. Sea trials to follow then we will be off on the next leg of our adventure.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Alabama Gypsy Camp

We have spent several days packing up the Gypsy Camp in preparation for the trip home on 4/11, We will return our tools (what to keep what to send home) to their respective cubbies in the shop and, return the trailer we borrowed from our friends, Dennis and Mary Therese. The trailer was invaluable to our success in getting our work done.
The weather for our trip north looks horrible, in keeping with the weather we have had all winter, cold and rainy,but with the addition of ice and snow.

road trip

Back in Demopolis, safe and sound. We wanted to see everybody back home but realized it would takes days, if not weeks to make the rounds. We're sorry if we missed you but you can't come sailing with us if we don't get in the water someplace nice. So we focused on that. Of course we stopped by to see the kids and then scooted back to the boat as quickly as possible.

Waiting Game

The bottom was prepped before we left and painting proceeded quickly upon return. It is now finished (April 20th) and the waiting game has begun. The surveyor who was supposed to be here this week will not arrive now until April 29th. Another delay.If it does happen on Monday, we will be in the water Tuesday, provided the yard travel lift is available. The good part is that another dozen items will be off the punch list before we launch. We will be just shy of 5 months working in the yard. Hopefully, the month of sea trials will not stretch out as long. Leap is washed and waxed and looking the best she ever has. We are ready to splash.