Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lightning Strike Update

We hope we finally have found all the systems that were electrocuted by the strike.
As of today we lost:
VHF antenna (VHF radio will have to be tested once we get antenna installed)
Windex wind indicator
Stern light
Xantrex solar panel multicontroller
Two 12v fans with lights
Alternator and voltage regulator

Because we lost the solar panel controller our solar panel wouldn't charge the batteries, a fellow cruiser loaned us a controller, but it was too small to keep up. And, because our alternator/regulator system is down we cannot charge our batteries with the diesel. We do not have a wind or gas powered generator. Our batteries were getting too low so we had to come into a marina and hook up to 110.
We prefer anchoring as it is much cooler, less noisy and mosquito and no-see-um free.
Now we are docked at Marina el Milagro, and because it is hot and buggy we decided our first night here to turn on the air conditioning which runs on 110, only too find its circuit board was electrocuted too.

So added to the above list is our air conditioner.

Getting parts here is very difficult. It is not just our limited Spanish,but also finding someone that can prepare an estimate for the insurance company, order parts in a timely manner, let alone work on the systems. We tried just ordering the Windex and it was quoted 3 times what we would pay stateside.

We have a friend Chip, that is a pilot, and he has offered to get parts to us and take the autopilot back to the states for a quote and repair or replacement. Chip below on foredeck on his very cool aluminum French built sailboat named Funiculi, Funicula.

We still have not had any concrete answers from the insurance company as to what they are going to do, and what if any,  is the deductible when one has experienced an "act of god" striking ones sailboat. 

Although all of this is frustrating we still manage to get out and do some fun things while waiting for answers to all of our questions. 

The reefs here are murky and the fishing is poor to non-existent.  We have only caught fish when we have been sailing. We use a handline and troll off the back of the sailboat. We have twice been out sailing on our friends, Scott and Diane's sailboat- an Amel Super Maramu 53ft named Ati, and caught fish.
However there has been much conversation surrounding what kind of fish. Charlie thought King Mackerel, a local thought Wahoo, and the Italian local thinks King Mackerel. Either way, it was good eating!

This picture is on Ati. Scott on the left,  Charlie on the right.
Charlie and the ....?
Left to right, Horst a fellow cruiser, Scott, The Fish, Charlie

Ati, is Scott and Diane's first boat and they are more than willing to have  sailors come out with them as they are still learning about their boat and all of its systems, rigging and sailing. Horst, 75 yrs old and his wife Ingrid, went from a 16ft sailing kayak, (that they took all over the world) and bought a 50ft custom built German sailboat and have been sailing for 9 yrs.
We do have a blast meeting all the sailing characters. All with great stories and if we ever get outta here we will have more stories too.

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