Friday, July 26, 2013

Tracking Link

Here is the link for tracking our progress. We have set it to update our location every four hours. You can select the view whether topo, aerial or road. We like aerial. If we average 6 knots we will make 144 miles over a 24 hour period, however, this is optimistic as sailing and winds are not always consistent.

Thursday, July 4, 2013


Shade cover: The new cover is the arched cover hanging over the boom shading the main cabin. It is a great design as the gunnels remain unobstructed and it can be hoisted high enough for Charlie to walk under. The royal blue v-shaped cover came with the boat and does a great job shading the v-berth. Our boat neighbors on the right, Ken and Karen who have a beautiful Panda sailboat, got the idea for their shade covers from another boat owner. They were happy to share with us tips so we could make our own. 

The Blue Crab Whisperer. We have a crab trap hanging off the stern. Most of the crabs are too small but occasionally we get a legal crab - 5 inch across - it would take a bucket full for dinner. However, we understand that there are some very large crabs in the area, but they must not like our bait. We will keep trying until then - blue crab appetizers.

The sign, at a very good restaurant east of Mobile, AL. Change  the fishing boat to a sailboat and switch the word fishing to sailing and that has been how it goes for us. However, we are still having an adventure and enjoying ourselves as we are on the water - even though it is not yet the Caribbean Blue we long for.