Thursday, October 3, 2013

Smug night

Storm clouds building the night before.

First fingers of yet to be named Hurricane Karen

In the picture below you can see a large navy blue sailboat on the right at the end of a dock and next to that the bow of a sport fishing boat. Our slip is next to the sport fishing boat. We took these pictures the night before we went into the marina.

Another band of storms pass, listing us 15% to starboard. Wave wobbeled decks forcing imitation drunken steps fore and aft in our air conditioned cabin. Curtains of rain clawing at the seals. Yet we remain dry and smug. Smug because we left the mooring in time to avoid the uncomfortable evening at anchor and sought refuge in  El Milagro Marina. Arriving with time enough to plug in and start recharging batteries, tie off and adequately secure our craft against the 30 mph winds (originally predicted at 55mph) as the low pressure storm system plows through the region unleashing it's  temper on the island and the Yucatan. Smug because we will not endure the sleep deprived night that our comrades at anchor will face, checking to verify their anchors' hold.

A negative forecast with rain, high winds and big waves forced us to delay our sailing excursion down the coast, originally intended to kill time until the autopilot arrives. Could be as soon as the 11th of Oct. or later around the 25th of Oct. all depends on Alpha Marine Systems now. They are unable to accept credit cards and as such have thrown a major hurdle in the path of progress since they will not start repairs until full payment is received. We were unaware of that policy before we mailed them a check. Now we wait. Delivery options fade as time slides by. Our desired location to ride out hurricane season is far away, so storms like today will be endured, but unnecessary if we were not waiting on parts. 

Lighting strikes, equipment failures, insurance companies, banks, shipping dilemmas, uncooperative vendors, yikes. We thought we were going to unwind in paradise, boy were we wrong. Surviving stress du jour is more like it. Another band of storms blows through reminding us of all that has gone right today, like getting into the sheltering lee of this tropical resort with its palm fringed beach (and wifi). Not a bad place to be stranded, indeed!

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