Monday, September 2, 2013

Southern Tip on Isla Mujeres

Sunday 9/1 we biked to the summit of the Yucatan Penninsula, a whopping 50 feet above sea level.
Our boat neighbor Scott acted as tour guide. We rode through the original village established in the early 1600's where the locals live, on our way to the southern tip, Punta Sur. We would like to go back to the village another day and spend more time, as there were some scintillating aromas wafting from some very nice restaurants. The village is more peaceful than being in Isla Mujeres Centro which is the tourist end of the island where the various ferry companies drop off visitors from Cancun.

From the marina to Punta Sur was a little over 3 miles riding the western road.  We  visited the Parque Escultorico, a sculpture park located on the cliff. The day was overcast but made for a nicer ride than a day of full sun. After leaving Punta Sur we rode back along the east road and enjoyed the scenery, and a swim on one of the beaches. It is on this road that the shell house is located.

The sculptures in the park are from many artists around the world and have weathered over time making them all the more interesting, yet in some cases crumbling beyond recognition, as the salt air has contributed its own artistic flourish.

We can all practice our Spanish translation skills.

The pictures below were taken as we wandered the paths through the garden.

As we were walking the path along the waters edge I photographed the rock formations and some of the flora and fauna clinging to the cliff face.

You can see the edge of the brick path in this photo.

Back to the top.  

A simple shade cover with log  bench for peaceful contemplation

Our view where we stopped for refreshments.

Charlie and Scott

The shell house. Hard to photograph due to trees and privacy fence.

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