Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinghy Improvements

Brother Dale was down for a visit the first weekend in May. The conditions were far from tropical but it was nice to see him and show off the boat nonetheless. His visit gave me an excuse to try out my dinghy modifications. The inflatable has never planed very well so I had modified the floor boards in hopes of rectifying the sluggish behavior. I am happy to announce that the dinghy now planes nicely an will be a great dive boat once we reach the Caribbean or clear, warm water. Karen and I have been going out for evening tours up the Tombigbee River just to get away from the marina and start to enjoy some of our labors. One of our favorite spots is a cypress swamp.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Leap Interior

A better title for this post would be - Everything Has A Place, Everything In Its Place

We have spent many days stowing everything in an orderly manner, cataloging its location, entering the info on a spreadsheet (so we can find it again :)  but also because, at most ports of call, to clear customs you have to provide an itemized list of all the items you have on board. We also have to consider where to put items by weight, so that the boat is balanced and true to her waterline. We are fairly certain that the occasion will arise that something we need will be in the bottom of a compartment, but alas, such is the way of life on the water.