Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Progress Report

Yesterday was a wonderment. We received a number of calls requesting an update for the blog. We have not been posting much, since the work we are doing, while important and some critical for our success, may be mind-numbingly boring for those that do not enjoy yacht work. We keep a daily log and for those who have asked, this is what has been accomplished to date:

Pumped out and cleaned fuel tank
Changed the oil and installed a quick connect fitting so future changes will be easier
New thermostat
Discovered our heat exchanger was faulty and put in a new core
New impeller in the raw water pump
Reconnected the hot water heater
Rebuilt the Nav station console and remounted radios
Put up a shelf in the quarter berth
Upholstered and installed new hull liner throughout the boat
Varnished all the teak on deck
In the process of varnishing the interior of the boat
Confirmed all fresh and waste water systems are functioning
Move the bilge pump lower in the bilge and clean the bilge
Polished all the stainless fittings
Reinstalled the Bimini
Re-bedded all portholes and deck hardware, we are shooting for 100% dry
Painted spreaders. Thinking about painting the mast
Figuring out best technique to replace missing deck texture non-skid, a work in progress
Pop riveted loose mast steps
In the process of replacing running lights

What is left to complete before we can launch:
Finish deck texture procedure
Install new bow pulpit, anchor bracket, chocks, and cleats
New bulkhead at anchor locker since it was removed to facilitate pulpit installation
Upholster V-berth hull liners and reinstall upholstery and shelves
Medicine cabinet in Head
Sand and paint bottom. Researching new eco-friendly bottom paints.
Make a cradle for the mast for the trip down river.

We are getting close to splashing and if the weather cooperates, the first part of March should see us in a wet slip.