Thursday, August 22, 2013

Isla Mujeres Anchorage

Just a few vantage points of our views around the anchorage.
Our view off the bow is of Marina El Milagro just behind the navy blue sailboat.

Below is a 360 view
South end of the island
The mangroves and rock formations where we go fishing
The mouth of the anchorage
The north end of the island where main town on Isla Mujeres is located, Centro.

A squall passing through

The community kitchen at Marina El Milagro. We had been out sailing with friends on their sailboat, along with another couple. We caught a wahoo, good eating fish, and came back to El Milagro to have a celebratory feast.
Having good times

Felix on staff here grilling the wahoo with his special sauce and below Charlie getting the recipe and grilling tips.
Shade time on Leap for cocktail hour
Assorted sunset pictures

The next two pictures below are grainy but the colors are that intense. So we will have to practice more with different settings on the camera.

Sunset the night of John and Nan's going away party. Visit their blog at:
And you will see pictures of our sailing outing the day the wahoo was caught.

A Little bit of Caribbean Blue on our way to Cancun to finish our paperwork for entering Mexico.
Looking forward to seeing more water like this once we get all of our parts here and installed.

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  1. Looks like you are having so much fun! Good fishing, interesting company. Yay!