Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Excitement in the Anchorage

Monday evening 8/12 a squall passed over the anchorage and Leap was struck by lightning. We had just come on board and were heading down below with our provisions. The storm was building and the thunder and lightning show was spectacular. I had just commented on how close the strikes were, and saying we made it below in the nick of time. It is quite the sound and feel to be struck. We were just fine as we do not touch rigging or metal during lightning storms. Also heard two other boats were struck.
We do have some damaged equipment:
Windex - wind indicator located on top of the mast
VHF antenna - do not know if it effected the VHFradio, cannot tell if it works without the antenna
Running and stern lights. Anchor and steaming lights survived
2 fans
Manual bilge pump switch

The bits and pieces of the Windex we found on deck after the Lightning strike.

Assorted pictures of the storm passing over.

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