Saturday, August 10, 2013

Isla Mujeres

We have arrived in  Isla Mujeres and will spend a few days exploring. Hope to have some pictures to share eventually. We are also watching the weather so as to chart our anchorages along the way south and watching for favorable sailing winds.

At our anchorage in Isla Mujeres.

Our windscoop in action. We have one for each hatch and they do a great job of directing breeze down below. We made them out of a salvaged tent we bought at a garage sale while still in Fairhope.

Below are pictures from in and around Isla Mujeres

Lobster shack established in 1683 (above)

Great music coming out of this restaurant/bar

This sculpture is on the beach.

One of the coffee house wifi stops. The coffee is from Chiapas and we had great iced coffees and enjoyed a bit of relaxing in their very comfortable surroundings.

Monday 8/12 we came in to El Milagro Marina in Isla Mujeres and met with Julio who helped us finish the rest of our paperwork. The check in, while in Progreso was incomplete and needed to be finished here. 
For 5 pesos per person, per day, we can come into the marina and enjoy the wifi, pool, bicycles, kitchen, showers and meet fellow cruisers. 

Wifi palapa with Charlie at the table.

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