Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Sit-Down Dinner

When Bryna and John came for a visit we had our first sit down dinner in Leaps' main salon. (Bryna is taking picture).
We used our new wood fired Keppers Pottery plates. We also celebrated receiving our new Toughbook lap top, a Christmas Gift from Bryna, John and Burklin. I used it today to make all the posts to the blog. John spent a great deal of time loading in charts and GPS info as well as some other useful programs. Their gift and work is greatly appreciated. We now need to spend some time coordinating the Toughbook with our navigation station.


  1. It Won't be long and you'll be out to the gulf ,Congradulations on living the DREAM!

    Ken in MI

  2. Good to see and read about the progress! Cheers.

    John Bailey

  3. Next entry please. I believe some major progress has been made. :)