Sunday, March 31, 2013

January 2013 Demopolis Yacht Basin Flood

Marina view of floating foot bridge. The bridge is usually flat or on an incline down to the marina. The angle from which this picture was taken does not do justice to how high the peak is off the water. The buildings in the background are the restaurant and fuel dock.

Debris collected around the restaurant and fuel dock.

View of RV park. Notice picnic tables to the left. Several RV's have pulled out for a few days as the river continues to rise.
View of RV Park from the stern of Leap

Marina clean up begins
In a burst of southern industriousness, just build a "rake" out of 2x4s and hang it on the front of your john boat. Put one person in the stern to drive and another in the bow for ballast to hold the rake down and you're off.
Lots of raking to do.

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