Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Good Time With The Mast

In preparation for stepping the mast we decided to paint it. That meant removing some parts and a great deal of masking off other parts for protection from overspray. Lots of sanding and prep and then new paint. When the mast was finished and looking all shiny and new we then decided we really should do the boom as it was laying there looking rather forlorn. Another round of masking, sanding and prep before Charlie could paint.

Our daughter Bryna, and boyfriend John, came down to help with the stepping of the mast, a very exciting day even though it was 34 degrees and overcast.

Bryna on the left holding the lifting straps and wishing it was sunny and warm. Charlie on the right  with an employee from the crane company watching for the hook.

Up, Up..... Charlie in camo vest.

Bryna on deck waiting to guide mast down through deck where
Charlie and I are waiting in the main salon. The mast and all its wiring needs to be guided into the mast step in the bilge. This required the calling out of directions from us to Bryna , John and crane operator.
This is one of our favorite pictures. Left to right: Bryna, John and  Charlie all with hands in pockets looking at the rigging and thinking, "Sheesh, it looked a lot more organized on the ground!"

It's in, Hooray! Note, the yellow lifting strap by the ladder -  more on that later.

Bryna starts the rigging process

Bryna and Charlie installing roller furling

Remember the yellow lifting strap? It would not release from the mast so, we had to hoist Charlie up the mast to retrieve it. He is being watched over by our mascot, the dragon kite, which is yet to be named. Charlie says a viking ship is not complete without a dragon.

The morning of Bryna and Johns' departure. Still cold and overcast. We are so happy they could come down and spend some time with us.

On Friday 3/29 we hanked on the sails. A good day indeed.

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