Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rio Largatos on the Yucatan Peninsula: Where Flamingos Feast on Camerones

Entrance channel to Rio Largatos, MX

We hired a guide through the Tourist Information Center located on the water front. His name is Santiago and he showed up at the Gloriamaris at 6:30AM to take us on a two hour tour. The cost for the two of us - $53. We requested an early morning tour but he will take you out whenever you would like. We were having such a good time we were out for almost 3 hours. We gave Santiago a good tip for his kindness and excellent local knowledge..

We like the two headed flamingo.

Flamingos exiting stage left. 
We suspect they either do not like white Pelicans or our approaching boat even though we are being quiet and cautious ........

Wait! Let's exit stage right instead. To heck with the pelican.

Seldom seen. They do actually bundle up their long legs and swim.

However, they only like the shallow end so they can have a running start for take off.

Black Eagle 

Traditional Pelicans ignoring us.

White Pelicans on a spa day at the salt flats. Rio Largatos is a major producer of sea salt and apparently these waters are excellent for the skin. Not to mention one would have no problem floating.

The salt mountain and plant

We met the model for the Flamingo lawn ornaments. She was strolling 5th Ave of the Salt Flats.

Santiago, our guide for birding this morning is trying to locate a short-billed heron to show us. Apparently they are a shy small heron that feeds on the branches of the mangroves. We manged to catch the tail end of one as it flew off. 

Santiago did find a crocodile for us. It was as still as a log lurking in the mangroves.

Santiago splashes the surface of the water to get the croc to visit us. Do not try this in an inflatable dinghy.

Santiagos' hand on the left. The croc moved so fast we thought his name was going to be 
Tic Toc. Santiago was faster and avoided needing an eye patch and pirate hat to go with a new hook.

Circling and circling, trying to figure out what there is to eat.

This bridge has huge turnbuckles but alas silhouetted and hard to make out. Just beyond are the salt flats.

Back in the bay near the town.
 Gloriamaris way off in the distance on the right.
Foreground - pangas set up for catching octopus. 

More octopus boats. The smaller boats are placed thwart ship on the larger boats and launched once at sea.

Charlie the Bow Spirit on the bow pulpit at the restaurant

Excuse my finger in the pictures ahead. My cropping program went on strike or rather the wifi did at the time I was trying to get this done.

Thought you might enjoy the work that went into the outside walls of this house.

And, the towns clock tower now surrounded by cell phone towers

While here, we had a small Halloween/Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. 
Our Trick or Treat bag yielded these dark chocolate morsels filled with Kahlua or Tequila. We are partial to the tequila.

We are now in  Isla Mujeres, MX where we hope to pick up our new radar and gas grill the owners are having flown into Cancun. 
Once we have our new parts we will set sail for Belize and then on to the Rio Dulce, Guatemala to be reunited with Leap. We miss her. 


  1. I love the pink "swans"!!! Haha, I couldn't believe that.

    Little close to the croc for my taste, did he follow you home or did he give up eventually? ;)

    Too bad you didn't catch a photo of the heron, would have liked to see it! :)

    Love you! Have fun!

  2. Wow! Such beautiful pictures, and love the commentary! The flamingos are beautiful. I agree with Bryna, that's a little too close to the croc for me too! Keep posting when you can, we always enjoy reading about your adventures.
    Love ya, Ginny & Johnny

  3. Was the chinking around the stones just decorative? Common? Just passing through this morning. I will save some lefse for you, too (maybe).