Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Arrecife Alacranes Nacional Parque

A wonderful time was had by all on our first trip with the Gloriamaris.
We sailed from Progreso, Mexico out to one of their national parks - Arrecife Alacranes Nacional Parque - located approximately 65 nautical miles north of Progreso. 
Casting off from the dock at 2:30am arriving in the park around 9am. 

L to R- Gregg, one of the owners, Karen, Charlie and Gregg's friend Paul

We had lines out during the crossing and in the early morning hours a dorado/Mahi mahi/dolphin hit the lure that Paul had brought and he reeled in a beauty. We ate well for several meals, grilled fish for dinner and fish tacos for lunch.

Gregg caught a Black Fin Tuna during another day of sailing....

...and again, we ate well for several meals. I am preparing the tuna for grilling. 

Charlie vs The Grill - we do not like charcoal at sea. Gregg has approved a new LP grill for us which will be shipped in along with a new radar unit.

We had several visitors drop in. Alacranes is in the migratory flight path and several birds stopped for a rest. We also had several fall from the sky. Dead from exhaustion. Very sad.

This one spent the night with us in the main salon, taking off in the early morning hours.

Other visitors

We put out shallow bowls of water

One evening we went out to get ready for the night dive to find flying fish here and there in the cockpit, and unfortunately deceased.

Wrecks on the eastern side of the park

The birds love it

The ever changing sky

Gregg (L) and Paul (R) preparing for a night dive

Gregg is an avid photographer. One of the joys of night diving is captured in the photo he took of this
3 inch octopus that was hanging out under the Gloriamaris.

To see more of Gregg's photography visit the blog we write for the Gloriamaris at:
and view the post - Arrecife Alacranes Nacional Parque

Gregg also took these pictures of Charlie free diving.

At 25ft

At 40ft

Photo also by Gregg - the Gloriamaris anchored offshore

We had a great trip and look forward to sailing off into more adventures

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  1. Awesome photos! Enjoying them in Satellite Bch. Been here since sat goin home this afternoon. Rena, Beth and I are stayin at Michele's.
    Keep on having fun.... ;-D