Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Encounters That Are Not About The Weather

Really- it isn't always about the weather.

The following pictures were taken by fellow cruising friends of some of our wildlife encounters.

Sharing dinner one night in the kitchen at El Milagro with Jim and Katie Coolbaugh and Jose Latimer (not pictured as he is photographer) we heard clang, skitter, clang, skitter and couldn't tell where it was coming from. This went on and on during dinner prep, and while eating, and by the time we got to dessert the sound was constant and louder. So the search began. We found this critter on the bottom shelf in the pots and pans.

Big Land Crab 
Showing off his/her "Don't give me any sh..t!"  claw.

Charlie to the rescue with the largest tongs we could find
as the crab was not interested in receiving assistance. He was snapping and skittering but Charlie persisted.
 Heading to the door and freedom with the claws clacking away at those tongs.
We found out the next day that the locals eat the land crabs claiming they are good.
We did have Land Crab soup here in Utila. It was in a base similar to creamy potato soup and served with half of a crab hanging out of the bowl. This was mostly for looks I think as most of the meat was out of the shell and claw and in the soup. Makes for good presentation - if you aren't sqeamish.

The next set were taken by our friends Steve and Christine on s/v Salacia.

We have a crab trap with us and have been fortunate to have some good crab dinners, but on this day when Charlie pulled up the trap we were surprised by the occupant. Still unsure how he got in or why he thought he should go in.

Flipping the trap over and opening the door to try and set the octopus free
but apparently he had another idea.

Not going so well

He would rather have the dinghy and motor off into the sunset.

Finally with a little coaxing from Charlie, all the while changing color every time he was touched, he finally found freedom over the side of the dinghy.

When we were in Bahia de la Ascension we saw a Manatee and Charlie went for a swim alongside.

As we mentioned in our previous post, it was a joy to see a manatee without propeller cuts in its' back.

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