Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Utila Scenes

Leap at anchor in East Harbor 

Our view of the mountains on the mainland of Honduras is shrouded in clouds most of the time.

Going to town for dinner at the Jade Seahorse

 This picture of just a small portion of the Jade Seahorse does not do the place justice. The owner as been working on the sculptures and ornamentation for 15 years and still going. He is having website issues now but should the site come back up you should visit it.

The sign below for bike (scooter) rentals advises the maximum speed of 25 km/hr, however, no one goes that slow. The main drag is a very narrow street and no sidewalks. Consequently between the scooters, ATV's,  golf carts and 3-wheel taxis the pedestrian is always on the lookout and forever hopping out of the way.

This is one of the most photographed signs in Utila. The casket shop shares the building with the above bike rental shop.

Street is quiet right now. 

                                                                  Three wheel taxis

                                   Golf Cart and ATV's  also. As you can see there is no parking so                                                                  vehicles get left here and there, and other drivers jostle on by.
During the busy times of day the street is jammed with vehicles and it is a transportation free for all.  It's a -  pedestrians beware - driving attitude.  There is not a sidewalk

The only vehicle not showing in the pictures is the three wheel bikes. One wheel in back two wheels in front with large platform baskets on the front. The other day a gentleman had a refrigerator in his basket and he could not see but pressed on waving his fist over the top, calling out his intentions, turning left through the major 4-way intersection and everyone came to a halt with a screeching of brakes and expletives.
We theorized his need to push on through was due to having momentum, as we imagined it a bit of a struggle to get the whole shebang rolling.

Sunset  - the rays were quite spectacular this evening.
The next two pictures were taken by our dive master friends, Anthony and Alma Baers and Laura Neadam. Leap is the second sailboat from the right out in the distance.

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