Monday, June 3, 2013

Our Anchorages on the Tombigbee River

Our second night out we are anchoring in Okatuppa Creek. We went 90 miles today and are ready for a peaceful relaxing evening. It was shallow at the opening to the creek and we were watching our depth sounder closely as we need 5.5 ft to get in but but once inside, the creek dropped to 12,15 then 27 ft deep.The fireflies are putting on a fabulous light show.

Our third night we anchored in the Alabama cut off. We made 70 miles today.
Again, the entrance off the Tombigbee was shallow and we were watchful but once inside we had plenty of depth. In the morning as we were pulling up our anchors we had a "redneck" sighting. Two fellows came down the cut off in a contraption we could not make out at first. As they got closer you could see the hull, wheels and a wire cage of sorts. When they came up next to us we could see that they had loaded their 4 wheeler in the john boat and there was a wire cage on the back of the 4 wheeler. We are sure there is a story there but we were to busy pulling anchors and staying out of the way to stop for a chat.

Both of these anchorages were beautiful and quiet and we recommend them should you take a river trip.

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