Saturday, May 11, 2013

Leap Interior

A better title for this post would be - Everything Has A Place, Everything In Its Place

We have spent many days stowing everything in an orderly manner, cataloging its location, entering the info on a spreadsheet (so we can find it again :)  but also because, at most ports of call, to clear customs you have to provide an itemized list of all the items you have on board. We also have to consider where to put items by weight, so that the boat is balanced and true to her waterline. We are fairly certain that the occasion will arise that something we need will be in the bottom of a compartment, but alas, such is the way of life on the water.


  1. Looks GREAT!
    Thinking of you as the asparagus has just begun. Wish we could bring the asparagus and salad and you could supply the fish for a grilled dinner!

  2. Leap is beautiful!!! You two have such amazing skills and your hard work is finally paying off! Can't wait to see more photos and hear of your grand adventures.