Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Day in Demopolis Alabama

Dec 25th
Sitting here in the Demopolis Yacht Basin Dry Storage yard, hoping that we can dodge the threatened Chrismas tornados causes me to ponder the energy needed to break earth's gravity. Tornados are known to break entire towns free of earth's gravity, at least momentarily. Rockets do a better job of totally breaking free and with a little added energy, are able to maintain a prolonged gravitational break. Gravity as we all understand keeps us planted firmly on our planet. I am willing to surmise that there is an equal force at work in our Political/Economic/Social system. Leaving one's home, friends, and employment, for us has taken as much effort and planning as shooting a rocket into space. Months of dreaming, scheming, planning, saving, prepping and finally execution , makes me aware that changing one's life in any significant way, is a major undertaking. Breaking free of our personal gravity is so difficult, it is a wonder anybody does it at all.

Our goal for this trip is not to reach any particular destination but to wander and to "Be" wherever we are. Happiness and fulfillment are not longitude and latitude locations but a fullness of "Being". We are out to make new friends and gather new stories so our old friends do not have to suffer thought the latent stories re-told so many times before. We are out to adventure and challenge ourselves, to break free of our customary perspectives and see if there isn't a perspective that we have been ignoring, to our detriment. The pitfall is remaining stationary too long in any one place and growing accustom to the pleasure and comfort of a newly developing gravitational field. In short, we want this trip to be more like a space launch than a tornado. We are not attempting to just slightly adjust our location , like a tornado, but rather permanently move ourselves into a stable orbit through tropical islands, reefs, beaches and villages.

This blog will be a mirror and magnifying glass to our progress. Are we truly free of our historic gravity or have we simply substituted a new one to replace the one left behind. This will be a log of the accomplishments of our trip and the people that will make it memorable for years to come. Hopefully, we will see some of you along the way. For those of you dreamers out there, may this serve as an inspiration or a warning post as our adventure proceeds.

The storm has started in earnest. Let 's see how we fair. Merry Christmas and All the Best in the New Year.

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  1. Thanks C&K for the link to your blog. It was good seeing you at the wedding....glad you were able to make it.
    Speaking to you this morning, it sounds like things are coming together and hopefully ready to launch in the next few weeks.
    Since I owe Carly a trip somewhere, she's up for meeting up with you guys somewhere down in Central America....if that's where you end up heading.
    Hope the weather cooperates with you so you can get out of Demopolis. Check in with you later.